sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

Find the Fish

Mejor que cualquier poesía surrealísta o dadaísta.
I wonder where that fish has gone?
You did love it so, you looked after it like a son
And it went wherever I did go
Is it in the cupboard? Wouldn’t you like to know? I was a lovely little fish
And it went wherever I did go
Where can that fish be? It is a most elusive fish
And it went wherever I did go
Oh fishy, fishy, fishy fish
Ah fish, ah fish, ah fish, fishy ooh
Oooh fishy, fishy, fishy fish
That went wherever I did go

4 comentarios:

vampiro azucarado dijo...

Is that a direct offense against my poets? Be careful with that you, mr... (just kidding).

Miss Mac Lovegood dijo...

Speaking of the Devil... did you know that "Fishies go 'Pook!, Pook!, Pook!'?

Muajaja... buen juego de palabras, en especial eso del fishies-fishing-ficheando-fisheando-ando!

ZATARA dijo...

Fish-fishy,me gusta

stevie dijo...

and now for something completely different...

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