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Alan Moore talks

Lo siguiente es la primera de varias transcripciones de entrevistas de Alan Moore que voy a hacen. Los títulos así son los temas que le proponen para platicar. Hoy la entrevista trata sobre una de sus primeras obras: V for Vendetta.


I was attending a lot of the 'against racism' marches with the anti-nazi league. I knew about the threat of facism. So, this struck me as, potentialy, a very interesting backdrop for this future world that I was going to be talking about, because, as with most of the worlds of scince-fiction, you're not talking about the future. You're talking about the present. You are using the future as a way of giving a bit of room to move, uhm, a bit of a fantasy element. It makes it into something that is once removed from the thing that you're actually talking about, people can enjoy it on a fantasy level while, hopefully, perhaps one of the deeper ponits you're making are actually sinking in. So we put V for Vendetta on that basis.

The Inspiration for...

It was David Lloyd's idea to, and it was a brilliant idea, to actually make him look like Guy Fawkes. Uhm, which we've been struggling with what this guy should actually look like and we've come up with several things that weren't very satisfactory. But, um, when Dave suggested, almost as a joke, I don't think he expected me to go along with it, he suggested this sort of Guy Fawkes figure and as soon as I saw it I saw that this was genious, it was connecting to this whole British mythology. There was something so British and so striking about that iconic image and it played well into the kind of thinking that was already starting to develop on the script.

The Romantic Anarchist

Anarchy is, and always has been, a romance. It is clearly the best way and the morally sensible way to run the world. That everybody should be the master of their own destiny, everybody should be their own leader. This is something that I still believe, I think even a cursory look around the world at the moment, particulary at the moment, would reveal that it is about .000001 % of the worlds population that causes 99.9999% of the world's problems. And that tiny percentage; it's not the jewish banks in conspiracy, it's not the asylum seekers, it's not the secret homosexual conspiracy running hollywood, it's not even the scientologists. It is leaders. That, what we need, is an administration, at most. We don't need people to boss us about.

Ordinary Nazis

I didn't just want to come to this as a self-confessed anarchist. And say right, he's this anarchist, he is the good guy, here'a all these bad fascists, they're the bad guys. I mean, that's trivial and insulting to the reader. I wanted to present some of the fascist as being ordinary and, in some instances, even likeable human beings. There wheren't just nazi cartoons with monocles and 'University of Hidelberg' youling scarfs, you know?. They were people who made their choices for a reason. Sometimes that reason was cowardice, sometimes that reason was wanting to get on, sometimes it was a genuine belief in those principles. So we suggest that, yeah, the nazis, they weren't from space, they weren't from the depths of hell; they were butchers and street-sweepers and school teachers and ordinary people from ordinary parts oflife. They weren't monsters, but they just went along with fascism when fascism was the order of the day.

The Style of V

It was a very morally ambigious and a very morally complex strip. And in it's original and, I belive, it's best inseption it was entirelly in black and white. And Dave Lloyd was using this style were you've got no bordering outlines on the characters. You've got hard-black up against hard-white in the artwork. Were'as in the story, in the text there was almost nothing but shades of gray, in moral terms, and that kind of contrast, I think, it went really well, in the original script.

Sit down children...

(A.M. lee una parte de V for Vendetta)

V:Anarchy wears two faces, both of creator and of destroyer. Thus destroyers topple empires, make a canvas of clean rubble were creators can then build a better world. Rubble, once achived,makes further ruins irrelevant. Away with our explosives, then! Away with our destroyers! They have no place within our better world. But let us reaise a toast to all our bombers, all our bastards,most unlovely and most unforgivable. Let's drink their health... then meet with them no more.

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