martes, 12 de febrero de 2008

without a mentor

The return to college has been strange without Mr. White. I miss arriving to class at 9 am (very early for me) and not having anyone to insult me and teach me the beauty, the greatness and joy of literature. No one to reveal truth's that apparently seem simple but I have never thought of (or heard anyone else say). At the same time I see him everywere, all teachers (at least, the good ones) now shine out the influence of Mr. White. They are more strict, more severe; but they also lecture less and focus on creating a conversation with the students, not pointing things out but showing us the way so we may find it ourselves.
I miss him, yet, I know he's far from gone.
I recently sawpictures of him making boats. Another strange feeling. As if all the myths sourrounding him became true; like a picture of Alexander cutting the knot, of Musashi fighting with a boken, of Odysseus braving sea beasts on his own.

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Niggel with a tear dijo...

This post is so sad, and at the same time so coming of age. Count your blessings: you are ONE (if not the last) of his students. Maybe you met him so no one forgets.
BTW: Im sure he reads this blog before anyone. Even you.

Pilaricks dijo...

Ithaca is not far from our minds. (I feel sad that you are sad, but as you told me ''Il give you shelter from the storm!'')

Usted sabe que no cuenta conmigo.

Pilaricks dijo... cuenta conmigo!

Anónimo dijo...

Te agradara saber que si uno googlea UNAM MR WHITE, este blog es la primera opcion.

Doushura dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por un administrador del blog.
Andrés dijo...

uy borrando comentarios, eso de tener tantos fans es peligroso.
La verdad siento tu perdida pero me alegro de que lo hayas conocido y estes marcado por alguien de tal genio.

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