viernes, 18 de enero de 2008


I truly enjoy reading the novels of Virginia Woolf. The words she writes are so precise and well chosen that I have to be fully concentrated when reading her work. If for a moment my mind wanders then I get lost and must start all over again; she forces me to become a good reader (which is a very hard thing to do) because only as a good reader will I be able to grasp and comprehend her works of genius. I particularly like To the Lighthouse. The part in which the narrator jumps from one characters thoughts to the other, such changes are done lightly, not sudden as it would be with speech. There is also a beautiful part in which there are no persons, only the house and light and night and some leftover memories.

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Niggel with the brie dijo...

Well written Forrester!!

vampiro azucarado dijo...
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vampiro azucarado dijo...

Termine de ver las horas despues de mucho tiempo (y tiene sentido que haya sido asi). Ahora esa novela me entusiasma mucho y espero encontrarla en ingles. Hay tanto que leer y tan poco tiempo! Hoy pensaba que deberiamos leer un mismo libro al tiempo y compartir pensamientos. La literatura se hace entre varios. que opinas?

javbrad dijo...

I totally agree with you my friend, in the part of the "understandable prose". The flow of ideas particularly in "The Mark on the Wall" illustrates perfectly your idea. I liked a lot "Night and Day", a pure antithesis work in which she posts here usual demands towards women education and thinking. Greets!

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