jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2008

que no puede morir

“Forced into familiarity, then, with such prodigies as these; and knowing that alter repeated, intrepid assaults, the White Whale had escaped alive; it cannot be much matter of surprise that some whalemen should go still further in their superstitions; declaring Moby Dick not only ubiquitous, but immortal (for immortality is but ubiquity in time); that though groves of spears should be planted in his flanks, he would still swim away unharmed; or if indeed he should ever be made to spout thick blood, such a sight would be but a ghastly deception; for again in unensanguined billows hundreds of leagues away, his unsullied jet would once more be seen.”

- Herman Melville, Moby Dick, Capítulo 41.

“Ser inmortal es baladí; menos el hombre, todas las criaturas lo son, pues ignoran la muerte; lo divino , lo terrible, lo incomprensible, es saberse inmortal.”

-Jorge Luis Borges, El inmortal, parte IV.

3 comentarios:

5inister dijo...

Me gustó bastante la cita de Borges; Moby Dick es ese libro que sé que me gustaría si pasara del tercer capítulo.

¿Tacos mañana?

nigelitte dijo...

Moby Dick meets Nemo, I guess.

the lines on my face dijo...

:) gracias por compartir fragmentos de las mentes de otros... saludines

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